dark maelstrom merchandise title  
  T-shirt and pajama designs for whirlpool survivors.  
  Click on any image below to find designs for t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, pajamas, mugs, clocks and a horde of other miscellaneous items.  
violet spiny ship icon spike ball icon purple drawn pluto symbol spike ball squid ship
fish demon icon green spiny ship icon liquid spike ball icon aura spiny ship icon purple meta-material icon
grey metamaterial icon   ... exploring other worlds allows one to find dangerous whirlpools, peering purple eyes, vampiric squid ships hiding in the exosphere, skins of meta-materials, orbs spiked with electric power, myrgthless deep sea fish demons, archaic spiny floating ships, the dreamlike frozen violet valleys of the planet Pluto...  

  Dark Maelstrom Merchandise, designs for t-shirts and other items.  


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